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     Volume    27          No.   2     June 2019


President’s Message: Aline Dynder 860-628-0865

Happy summer time everybody! Well, I believe we’ve had many happy days/times in the past three years since I started as President of this AARP chapter. The activities and fundraisers have not only kept our chapter busy, but brought members together creating lasting friendships. All that has occurred in either raising money through raffles and fundraisers or simply donating food, bags, items for our service people, or box tops and pull-tabs shows what great people you  (our members) are as you live by AARP’s motto, “To serve and not to be served. “Three years has gone by so quickly. Without people volunteering, I don’t know how our chapter could have accomplished so much. Please continue this generosity as our membership numbers decrease, more may be expected from the few who do show this great attitude in serving! In closing this final message as your Chapter President, I’d like to express my gratitude for the help I’ve received from past presidents who assisted me in my moments of doubt. Also, a huge thank you to the Board of Directors, our committee leaders, greeters and food collectors for SCS. You all should be proud of the service you perform. Lastly, I’d like to thank all AARP members for having me as your President for the last three years as well as Recording Secretary for the five years prior. I have learned and benefited from so many experiences, plus I believe I’ve grown personally from meeting so many of you. Please continue to assist your new slate of officers in the upcoming 2019 -2020 membership year. Thank you for allowing me to serve. 

Sincerely, Aline Dynder 


Our last Membership Meeting before summer break will be held at THE ORCHARDS again this year.

Guests are welcome! Doors open at 11:30am and our meeting will begin at 11:45am. For those members who have a ticket the meal will be served promptly at 12 noon. You must have your ticket to attend the luncheon; they will not be sold at the door. We will also have Raffles and a Door Prize. Those who attended last year had a great time!! We have a few tickets available and the cost is $18. 

Please call Ann Houle 860-637-8370 for a ticket. We hope you will be joining us!!

NOMINATING: Chair: Phyllis Wade 860-302-1111

We have filled all the positions needed for our Slate of Officers and Board of Directors’ for Chapter #4943 for the next term of 09/19 - 06/20. At the May meeting, the names for the Board of Directors’ and Slate of Officers were read and motion was made and seconded and the vote was unanimous for accepting those nominees. We will have our Installation of Officers at our June 25th meeting to recognize and thank them for volunteering to serve.

BLOOD DRIVE: Phyllis Wade 860-621-2754

The Red Cross Blood drives this year will be; 8/22 & 10/17/19 at Mary Our Queen Church Hall from 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm and volunteers are needed. Donating or volunteering is a kind gesture that can make one feel very happy and good! Please see Phyllis if interested in helping in the canteen or at the sign-up desk.

SOUTHINGTON COMMUNITY SERVICES: Co-Chairs: Walter Jones 860-348-9201 - Christine Kwiat 860-747-8178 

Three (3) boxes of canned and packaged food, paper goods and personal care items were collected at our May membership meeting. Please continue to bring your donations to our meetings. The need for these items is great and for those recipients getting this extra help is a blessing and you will feel good by helping them..

WAYS AND MEANS: Co-Chair: Lucy Leach 860-628-8032 and Co-Chair: Rose Sukatski 860-628-2634

We are unsure at this time what the raffle item will be....but....Tickets are: 3 for $1.00 or 7 for $2.00

You can’t win if you don’t play!! 

BOSCOV’S SAVINGS PASS: Chair: Janet Ferracci-Carter 860-628-4491

The Boscov's kickoff ticket sale has begun.  If you purchase a $5.00 Friends Helping Friends pass you will receive:

1.  A 25% discount shopping pass for purchases made on Oct. 16, 2019. (Some restrictions apply).

2.  Free snacks throughout the store

3.  A chance to win gift cards ranging from $100.00 to $500.00 

4.  Free gift wrap for all occasions including Christmas

100% of all money collected from ticket sales go back to us: Southington Chapter AARP #4943, Inc. Your generosity

and support for this fundraiser will further allow us to give back to our community. I will challenge any AARP member

who sells 50 tickets. If you complete this challenge I will personally provide transportation to you and a friend, to and

from Boscov's, on Oct. 16, 2019. Call me, Janet Ferracci-Carter, at 860-628-4491 and I can deliver your tickets or see

me at our June luncheon and the September meeting.  Also, I will be selling tickets throughout the Summer.    

NO BAKE-BAKE SALE: Chair: Ann Houle 860-637-8370

This annual fundraiser, which helps us provide Scholarships for two deserving Southington High School Seniors, remains underway.  We have already collected donations but we are hoping that each of our members will help support this worthy cause.  Please bring your contribution to the June 25, 2019 meeting.  For any member who is reading this on our web-site and not able to attend meetings, please make your check out to

Southington Chapter of AARP and mail it to:  Ann Houle, 21 Wheeler Village Road, Southington, CT 06489. 

Thank you in advance for your generous donation.

SOCKS ARE NEEDED: Chair: Sue Lint 860-621-7268

We will continue collecting new socks for the needy for men, women and children (all sizes). Please bring items to our meetings.

These will be donated to our local residents in need and will be distributed by SCS.

Thank you to all that have donated so generously.

GROCERY BAGS: (plastic, paper or totes) are needed at SCS. Please bring any extra ones you don’t need to our meetings for them. Also continue to collect BOX TOPS, LABELS or Points for Education and Pull-Tabs. Ask your family and friends to collect these for you. It doesn’t cost you a thing and really helps toward providing supplies for schools and equipment for the Shriners’ Children’s Hospital.

AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY: Chair: Rachel Wache 860-621-0890

Please don’t forget our service men/women. Our donations of non-perishable food items, treats/snacks and comfort care items let them know that they are appreciated. Treats and toys (no canned dog food) for their service dogs is also a nice way of showing our support. 

Ask Rachel what they need and bring your donations to our meetings.

*Please bring in your regular monthly donations to the luncheon meeting on June 25, 2019.

MASSAGES: Chair: Donna Wolicki 860-971-6039

Massages certificates are still available. The certificates are only $20.00 for a 60 minute massage which includes a brief exam by 

Dr. Daniel Ragozzine. (He took over practice due to Dr. Carol Grant’s retirement).

The entire $20.00 goes to our Chapter. See Donna to purchase certificates for massages.

MEMBERSHIP: Chair: Pat Trenchard 860-637-8433

We hope to bring in new members to our Chapter this year. We have a new program where you bring in a new member and you will receive your next membership year dues for half price!! This is a great incentive to increase our Chapter! We are already a great Chapter and we do amazing things for our community and our special charities but think how much more we could accomplish with a larger membership.

Remember our slogan “Recruit One”.

Please check your Chapter card to see if you have renewed for 2019. DUES must be paid to remain a member.

A membership committee member will be ready to process your renewal before the meeting. The requirements for becoming a new member or to renew your membership are:

1. A valid National AARP membership card or a mailing label from their current magazine or bulletin.

2. Your Apple Valley—Southington Chapter membership card.

3. Ten Dollars ($10.00) cash/check per person/per year. Make checks to: Southington Chapter #4943 of AARP, Inc. If you would like to renew your Chapter membership for more than one year you may renew up to the expiration date on your National card. You can mail your dues (check only – no cash), along with the mailing label from your current National magazine, your Chapter card and a self addressed, stamped envelope to:  Pat Trenchard, 716 Berry Patch Way Southington, CT 06489.

SUNSHINE: Chair: Susan Lint 860-621-7268

For other members who have been sick or in the hospital we hope you are recovered and well now. We are sorry that a card was not sent to you but we care and would have sent one had we known. Please call me or fill out the form that goes around at the meetings to let me know of any members who are sick, in the hospital, or death of a member or of a member who had a death of a “close” family member.

A card was sent to wish Sue a speedy recovery and our prayers are with her.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Chair: Darlene Steele 860-621-9283

No need for anyone to bring refreshments to the June 25, 2019 meeting as we will be celebrating our Chapter’s

end-of-year at The Orchards. (You must have a ticket to enjoy the meal).

A big Thank You to all members who brought in delicious treats for our previous meetings throughout the year!!

NEWSLETTER: Chair: Joe and Debbie Woloszyn 916-204-8960

We hope you enjoy reading our monthly Newsletters and find that they are informative. Please let us know if you have any suggestions that would improve it. Newsletters are (usually) available by the 3rd Tuesday of each month, one week before our membership meeting. You may pick up a copy at the Calendar House or the Southington Library. These are also available on our website at: www.AVS4943.ORG. If you would like to have your Newsletters mailed to your home you must provide us with self addressed, stamped, legal size (#10) envelopes.

**For the members who receive newsletters by mail, you will receive a memo with the newsletter letting you know

you have no more envelopes.


There was no Board of Director’s Meeting this month.


Tuesday              June 25, 2019                    11:30am            Membership Meeting at The Orchards followed by our luncheon

Wednesday         September 11, 2019          1:30pm              Board of Directors’ Meeting at the Calendar House

Tuesday              September 24, 2019          1:00pm              Membership Meeting at Mary Our Queen Church Hall



                                            HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL BACK IN SEPTEMBER