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Ann Houle:  Newsletter Editor

21 Wheeler Village Road

Southington, CT 06489 

860-307-0774                                                                                                                     WWW.AVS#4943.ORG



  N E W S L E T T E R

   MAY 2023


President’s Message:  Pat Trenchard   203-915-2509

Greetings to all

I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather.  The rains have finally stopped, and now the birds are chirping, and the flowers and trees are blooming.  It is hard to believe that our year is almost over.  Our membership is growing, we have had some interesting and informative programs, and we have some great plans for our new year.  Next month we will have the installation of officers, and a surprise for all.  I hope to  see everyone at the next meeting, and we will reveal the surprise.  Stay well, and enjoy the wonderful weather.



PROGRAMS AND ENTERTAINMENT:  FIRE SAFETY will be the subject at our May 23rd membership meeting, presented by our Southington Fire Department.  According to statistics fire departments across the United States responded to a fire every 24 seconds.  We will learn how to stay safe so we do not become a statistic.  


We are still looking for a volunteer to Chair this committee.  Please help your Chapter by getting involved.  Call Pat, our president, for information.

INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS:   As we have in previous years, we are planning our luncheon along with the ceremony to install officers for next year.  It will be held at our regular membership meeting on June 27th which is our last meeting before our summer break of July and August.  A sign-up sheet will be available at our May 23rd meeting to determine how many members plan to attend.


WAYS AND MEANS:  Chair:  Rachel Wache   860-621-0890

Thanks to Phyliss Wade, who re-gifted her win from last month back to our Chapter, we will re-raffle the “movie themed” gift basket, which includes two (2) theater tickets donated by Southington AMC for our May 23rd meeting.  Buy your tickets before the meeting starts so you will not miss out on your chance to win.

Raffle tickets are:  3 for $1.00 or 7 for $2.00.


50/50 RAFFLE:  Chairs:  Sharon Kupiec, and Shirley Mason

We all would love to win money, but as the saying goes “you can’t win if you don’t play.”  Not only could you win but our Chapter also wins.  Raffle tickets are:  3 for $1.00 or 7 for $2.00. 


WHITE SOCKS FOR OUR NEIGHBORS-IN-NEED:  Chair:  Shirley Mason   860-628-8970

The people, including families, who receive meals at Bread for Life, and those who go to SCS for groceries and other much needed items will benefit from our donations of socks.  Please purchase new white socks, all sizes, for men, women, and children.  Bring them to Shirley at our meetings.


NO BAKE – BAKE SALE:  This annual fundraiser kicked off at our March 28th membership meeting.  We had a great response from members who attended that meeting.  It sure is easier to just put money in an envelope and not have to shop, bake, and sell your baked goods to raise money for our Chapter’s treasury.  If you have not yet donated there is still time to do so.  The idea is to donate whatever you think it would cost you to bake something.  Give, if you can, at our May 23rd meeting or you may mail your check made out to:  AARP Southington Chapter #4943 and mail it to:  Ann Houle, 21 Wheeler Village Road, Southington, CT 06489.


THANK YOU to our members who donate their time and talent, give to our various charities; food and other items, and who purchase raffle tickets.  Our Chapter depends on our raffles and other fund raisers to bring in the money needed so that we can continue our tradition of providing monetary and other contributions that helps our local food bank at Southington Community Services and meals at Bread for Life, and entertainment for our members.  We thank you for your participation and your continued membership that keeps our AARP Chapter #4943 alive and well.


SOUTHINGTON COMMUNITY SERVICES:  Chair:  Walter Jones   860-538-3473

Very few items were brought in at our April meeting.  The need for nonperishable (canned and packaged) food, personal care items, paper goods, household products like laundry soap, etc. and even pet food, are desperately needed.  Our town has a very large number of people who need help.  The items we donate become available at SCS for Southington residents.  Please, if you can, bring something to our meetings for them.  Thank you to all who contribute.  Your donations are truly appreciated.  Grocery bags: plastic, paper, or totes are also needed for those people to carry their groceries home. 


NEWSLETTER:   Chair:  Ann Houle   860-307-0774

Our newsletter is available for pick-up at the Calendar House or Southington Library.  It can also be seen on our website  The newest one each month is normally at these places by the Tuesday of the week before our monthly membership meeting (see calendar below).  Please call me if you have any questions about our Newsletters, if you have any suggestions that could improve it, or you have something you think should be included.  If you want to receive Newsletters by mail directly to your home you must supply me with stamped, self-addressed, legal-size envelopes.


MEMBERSHIP:  Chair:  Ann Houle   860-307-0774

Annual dues are still only $10.00.  You may pay ahead up to the expiration date of your (National) membership.  There are still members who have not renewed for 2023.  Both, your (National) AARP and Chapter membership must be current to remain a member of our Chapter.  Please arrive early to a meeting so we can renew your membership; have in hand the exact cash or your check (made out ahead to AARP Southington Chapter #4943).  You may renew by mail.  Send your check (please, no cash), address label from your latest (National) AARP Magazine or AARP Bulletin, your Chapter card and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:  Ann Houle, at          21 Wheeler Village Road, Southington, CT 06489.


CHAPTER CARDS or NAME TAGS:  Please call me to get a replacement if you do not have yours.  Also, call me to learn if your membership has expired so you can come to our May 23rd meeting prepared to pay your dues.


OUR SLOGAN:  RECRUIT ONE!  To keep our Chapter strong, we must keep our current members, bring back former members who have not yet renewed their membership, and recruit new people to join.  To increase our membership we depend on you, our members, to invite your senior (age 50 and up) family and friends to a meeting so they can enjoy time with us and consider joining.  They must belong to the (National) organization of AARP to join.  As a guest they are welcome to a meeting.  Most visitors do join!


PULL-TABS:  The Shriners use the proceeds from these to obtain medical equipment for the Children’s Hospital. 

Please continue to collect these little items as they help in a big way.  Bring them to Ann at meetings.


SUNSHINE:  Chair:  Janet Ferracci-Carter   860-628-4491

Please, let me know as soon as you hear of a member who is sick, in the hospital, the death of an AARP member or of the death of an AARP member’s close family member.  An appropriate greeting card will be sent.


SOCIAL COMMITTEE:  Co-Chairs:   Judy Keller, Margaret Lavorgna, and Walter Jones

Thank you to these members who volunteered to provide refreshments for our May 23rd membership meeting:

Sandwiches:  Margaret Lavorgna

Desserts:  Paula Canzonetti, Patrica Filinski, and Rosemary Reeve 


BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  Due to lower membership, which means less money in our treasury than in previous years, at our May 10th Board meeting a vote on the following motions  accepted:   

  1. To give $50.00 as our annual donation to Southington Community Services.

  2. To give $50.00 as our annual donation to Bread for Life.


             Tuesday             May 23, 2023   1:00pm      Membership Meeting at the Southington Police Dept.

             Wednesday     June 14, 2023    1:00pm      Board of Directors’ meeting at the Calendar House.             

            Tuesday           June 27, 2023    1:00pm      Membership Meeting at the Southington Police Dept.


“BE HAPPY, DON’T WORRY” (Quote by Meher Baba) and later in a famous song by Bobby McFerrin.

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